About Us

Identify vulnerabilities and take action
Testudo Infosec is a Manila-based, DICT certified cyber security provider for VAPT and ISMS audit with local and international clients.

We are an application security company that was founded in 2015 with a team comprised of security professionals who were pioneers of HP Fortify on Demand, a company that was previously one of the Top 3 application security companies in the world (according to Gartner Inc.).

Our team started with the idea of bringing VAPT and cyber security services more accessible to the Philippines industries. Drawing from our experience building a technology company into a Top 3 application security industry giant, we have seen the world’s biggest companies from different countries move to uphold security for their assets and their customers.

We are here to bring the same cyber security service calibre to the local and ASEAN industries.

  • Accessible
  • High Quality
  • Focused

Our decision to create this company revolves around two mains ideas. First, introduce the concept of application security services and its benefits to companies starting from the Philippines and its neighbors. Second, introduce the service at a lower price point so that VAPT is accessible not only to big corporations but also to small and medium enterprises.

  • Accessible
  • High Quality
  • Focused

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the top Information Security companies in the Philippines through foundations on ethical business practices and comprehensive security solutions.

We aim to push the Philippine market to be more security-minded in a world driven by the Internet. We want to help companies protect their brands and help each other grow in order to achieve bigger goals.


Our mission is to promote a digitally secure business environment to local and international industries by providing a full suite of high-quality information security services from small and medium enterprises to large corporations at a competitive price.

We are:

An application security company aspiring to secure, educate, and revolutionize the local industries about the importance of information security in this digital age.

An organization where capable leaders, highly-skilled, and motivated people share a common purpose in the field of information security.

Committed to creating a society that is safe and secure from improper usage and disclosure of personal information through the use of the latest technology and tools